My name is Shannon "Dabling" hence the title :) I am a mother of 3, stay at home mom, Creative Memories Consultant, and photographer. I have been a consultant twice so far, and have had my home photography studio for 7 years.

My goal for the year 2010 is to "Focus on Photos" and my mission is to help others with the same goal.

I love what I do and have met the most wonderful people through both of my business's. I hope that I can continue helping others.

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you have any additional questions my email is

This is the year to“Focus on Photos”


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Tough times usually brings with it perspective. It's time to begin remembering what is important in our lives and honoring them. Lots of us say we couldn't live without our pictures. I know for me my pictures helps me remember the good,  it saves my sanity from trying to remember every little moment, and brings me so much joy.

There are always cons that come with everything. Digital has been an evolving era that keeps changing. Which means that we have to try to keep up, and with the endless possibilities with our digital files, its gets overwhelming. The past is also not forgotten, a lot of us still have printed pictures and film that we still have in boxes. They are not less important because the aren't sitting on a hard drive. All our pictures are important and deserve to be looked at and remembered.

If this is also on your mind and in your heart maybe I can help. I have a personal mission to Focus on Photos this year. I take near to ten thousand pictures a year, including my personal and family pictures. That's a lot to edit and keep up on, and sometimes my personal photos get pushed back. So I am motivated to get MY photos in albums and books.

There are many different styles and different process's to achieve these goals. I am offering a Free Focus on Photos introduction Class. We will go over the different types, styles, and ways to get our pictures into albums and books (including organizing) Then there will be different workshops available to sign up for to help you follow through with your goals. For additional information and a full schedule Click Here .  Contact me at to register for any workshops.