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Creating Templates in Storybook Creator Plus (Part 2)

Tuesday Tech Tips

Last Week I did Part 1 on Creating Templates in Storybook Creator Plus. This is Part 2, to see Part 1 click here

Using your templates:

1. Open any project using the same size of pages you created your templates as.  (Remember from part 1, I created my templates 12x12)

2. Once your in your project you will be able to 'Import Page' from the Home Tab


3. Then Browse for your Templates Project (wherever you saved your project)Default should be My Documents>Creative Memories>Storybooks>Templates


You will be able to see the template pages you have created to choose from.


If there is a big red X through the page, it is the wrong size and doesn't match the project size you are working in. (see below)



4. After you import your page it will show up as the last page in your project. Just drag it to the desired page in your project in the Pages Panel.


5. Next start filling elements (by clicking on the element or selecting them in the Elements Panel on the left) from the 'Tools' Tab using the fill tools: Color, Gradient, or Paper. Click on the small arrow for more options. 



6. Make it your own. Here on my finished page from the template. I switched out the stars with embellishments that matched my paper selection and digital kit.  I added a second circle to mat my original circle ( by right-clicking on the circle and choosing copy, and pasting onto my page.) Then I adjusted the size and moved the layer backwards (in the 'Layout' tab) until it was behind my original circle. I added another embellishment to the lower left corner for balance. I also added a mat to my photo and moved it slightly.



This is my completed page.

Sam 2007 - Page 032

Here are some samples of other templates that I created in my Templates Project

Templates - Page 003

 Templates - Page 004

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Happy Creating