My name is Shannon "Dabling" hence the title :) I am a mother of 3, stay at home mom, Creative Memories Consultant, and photographer. I have been a consultant twice so far, and have had my home photography studio for 7 years.

My goal for the year 2010 is to "Focus on Photos" and my mission is to help others with the same goal.

I love what I do and have met the most wonderful people through both of my business's. I hope that I can continue helping others.

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I must be Crazy!

Do any of you watch Oprah? I confess, I sort of do a little (which means I DVR the episodes and pick and choose which ones I want to watch, late at night, while folding laundry)

Well they have been having this series on her show about cleaning up your messy house. So this months challenge was the Home Office. (Which if you saw my office you would know that its going to take more than a month )

SO... I started my project and realized I need to separated my home stuff, like paying bills, etc from my work. I decided that it would be great if I were to put an computer armoire in my dinning room and use that as Control Headquarters. (since the table is where most of the stuff lands anyway.)

SO.... I found a used armoire  a local classified website for a reasonable price and went to get it. But now the spot where I want it there is a china hutch. So I decide to list the hutch on the classified site. Which means that I have to clean out my kitchen cupboards to fit the set of dishes and other items the hutch houses. Then I think in my head that it will look so weird to replace that china hutch with such a small armoire. But if I paint the room maybe it won't look so weird. (since this hutch has been in the same place for 27 years, yes I live in my childhood home)

SO....I decide on a paint scheme and go to Lowe's and buy paint. The next day I start to prep the walls, spackle and all, and totally dismantle the whole room. I get it all done in ONE day!!! That's not easy on a Saturday with 3 kids.

Then, after moving things around I realize that the hutch will work  so now that I have completely emptied it and cleaned it I can now put everything back.

But all in all, the dinning room looks great! But wait a minute, the office is still a disaster!


Just thought this might make you smile,