My name is Shannon "Dabling" hence the title :) I am a mother of 3, stay at home mom, Creative Memories Consultant, and photographer. I have been a consultant twice so far, and have had my home photography studio for 7 years.

My goal for the year 2010 is to "Focus on Photos" and my mission is to help others with the same goal.

I love what I do and have met the most wonderful people through both of my business's. I hope that I can continue helping others.

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you have any additional questions my email is

Back from Minnesota

So I got back from Minnesota last week and I had a great time! Even though I was in Meetings all day it was such a great experience. I was so surprised by the way the meeting was set up and how it was conducted. It was facilitated by a professional facilitator so the meeting was completely all on fair ground. (if that makes any sense) But anyway, I met Dawn Oldham there, who has been with the company as a consultant for 20 years and leads the field with unit sales. But she was so personable and fun to be around. We were up both nights until 1 am talking. It was so awesome getting to know her and be inspired by her. I am really excited for the future of this company and what opportunities that might come along just by being there at those meetings. So I decided to sign up for their showcase convention which is held in Minnesota at the first of August. So it will be great to go back there again.