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My goal for the year 2010 is to "Focus on Photos" and my mission is to help others with the same goal.

I love what I do and have met the most wonderful people through both of my business's. I hope that I can continue helping others.

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Tuesday, Tech Tips: Photography 101

So I promise some photography tips for yesterdays post but its coming today, mainly because Maddies been sick and Sam's been recovering so I'm a day behind. It seems like when my kids are sick I lose track of what day is what. is photography 101

The First Lesson is getting familar with your camera. Get to know your camera by reading, yes the manual, I know those things are put in the box for a reason. I, like most people *hate* reading manuals. But, to get the most from your camera I would read and play at the same time.

Try to copy whatever is explained in the manual, and then repeat it a few times to get familar with what the setting is, how to set it, and what is it used for. For example, most cameras have different flash settings. When you get to that section of the manual, take test shots in all modes, get familar with what each setting is used for and why you would use it.

Photography manuals can be confusing especially when getting techincal. I have been reading the manual for my flash unit many times and it still doesn't all make sense. We will cover more about photography terminology in later lessons.

For right now the challenge is to just really use, use, use your camera and play, play, play with all the different settings. If you are digital plan on deleting most of these pictures so there is no pressure to get it *right*. Let the artist inside out and just get to know your camera.

Happy Shooting